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aka url-girl

aka url-girl
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Hi, my name is Ree and I'm a TVholic!
me: I'm pretty much all about fandom and the random here, though the occasional RL post sneaks in. I make things and just generally squee about whatever's caught my attention that day. Sometimes all a girl can do is ALLCAPS, yo. Also, I used to be url-girl.
friending: This journal is 18+. Friend/defriend at will, no need to ask. If I've friended you, I most likely think you're awesome with a side of sauce and would like to keep up with your entries, fic, icons, what-have-you. :)
icons: All are shareable with credit, help yourself. If you're snagging from several posts, yup, it's more than okay to just leave one comment.
doodles: Made using Photoshop and my trusty mouse. And as of 2014, my amazingomg Wacom Intuis Pro tablet. You're welcome to save them, but please don't repost.
fandoms: Sherlock. Queer as Folk. Oz. Sports Night. Brooklyn 99. Community. Scorpion. Orphan Black. The Fast & the Furious. Hannibal. Hawaii Five-O. Die Hard. Star Trek: Reboot & TOS.
ships: Sherlock/John. Brian/Justin. Dan/Casey. Toby/Chris. Toby/Elliot. Dom/Brian. Duncan/Methos. Charles/Erik. Mark/Eduardo. Steve/Danny. John/Matt. Kirk/Spock. Leslie/Ben. Amy/Sheldon. Paige/Walter. Linda/Bob.
squee: TV. Movies. Fanfic. Icons. Fanvids. Badfic. Sci-fi. French Bulldogs. Soccer. Gale Howard AKA Harold. Benedict Cumberbatch. Amy Poehler. AND. SO. MUCH. MORE.
credit: layout ; profile ; headers

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, 30 rock, :x, :|, adam scott, aidy bryant, amy farrah fowler, amy poehler, amy schumer, andrew garfield, andy samberg, bad!fic, barcelona fc, bates motel, beecher/keller, beecher/stabler, benedict cumberbatch, bill hader, bob's burgers, books, bradley whitford, brian kinney, brian/justin, brooklyn nine-nine, capslock, charles/erik, charlie day, chris pine, chris pratt, chris/zach, christopher meloni, community, cougar town, crack!fic, dan/casey, david tennant, despicable me, die hard, doc martin, doctor who, dom/brian, doodles, duncan/methos, elementary, emily blunt, emma stone, family guy, fangirling, fast and the furious, fraiser, french bulldogs, futurama, gale harold, gale howard, gale/randy, game of thrones, gilmore girls, hannibal, happy endings, harrison ford, hawaii five-o, helix, highlander, hoops and yoyo, hot chocolate, hugh dancy, icon making, iron man, james mcavoy, jason bateman, jesse eisenberg, jesse/andrew, john oliver, john/paul, jonny lee miller, julia louis-dreyfus, kate mckinnon, key and peele, kirk/spock, l&o:svu, lee tergesen, leo messi, liverpool fc, los angeles galaxy, mad men, mark/eduardo, martin freeman, matt smith, matthew mcconaughey, megamind, melissa mccarthy, methos, michael fassbender, miles/bass, modern family, my 50s housewife, nashville, new girl, orphan black, oz, p!nk, pacific rim, parks and recreation, pastede on hedz yay, patrick stewart, paul rudd, paul walker, peter wingfield, photoshop, queer as folk, raising hope, revolution, rick and morty, ripper street, robert downey jr, rps, sandra bullock, scorpion, scrabble, sheldon cooper, sherlock bbc, sherlock/john, slash, soccer, sports night, star trek, star wars, steve carell, steve/danny, sue heck, surfing, target, tennis, the beatles, the big bang theory, the bracelet o' luv, the following, the middle, the mindy project, the social network, the west wing, thrift stores, tina fey, tony stark, torchwood, trader joe's, tumblr, veep, vin diesel, x-men: first class


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